Glassboard – Rock Star Team Regroups From RSS-Land to Tackle Private Mobile Content Sharing

the lack of uptake of RSS reading software by consumers and businesses is among the turns of events in recent technology history that’s most disparaging of the state of humanity. That a personalized, centralized repository for updates from dynamic streams of information delivered by free trusted sources of democratic publishing all over the world has had its tech-lunch eaten by mind-rotting casual Flash games on Facebook is as depressing as the way that public education dreams were dashed when the promise of television became its reality. It’s like the psychedelic dreams of Harvard’s Dr. Timothy Leary becoming the wretched, heartbreaking narcotic drama of the TV show The Wire. It’s terrible. It’s reason to pack it all up and go home.

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Best Of WLTC Part 2

This is part two in the best of series (view part one here). The following links are posts which were published during 2008. These posts range from special news articles, guides, tutorials, reviews, opinion pieces and more. We look forward to continue bringing you the best WordPress information from across the web and wish you and yours a very safe, happy new year.

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Best Of WLTC Part 1 | Weblog Tools Collection

As most of us know, WordPress development happens at a record pace and trying to keep up with everything is a daunting task. However, the team here at WLTC does a great job filtering all of the WordPress related content on the web to bring the best to you. During the course of a year, this content adds up. Some of it being news posts, how-to guides, reviews, breaking news, etc. So, since it’s near the end of the year, I thought I would take a trip through the WLTC Archive and revisit come classic posts from 2008.

This series is broken up into two parts. The first part covers the months of January-June while part two takes care of July-December. When you browse through the links, let us know which one was your favorite or perhaps, which one has been the most helpful to you.

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Coltrane Day

Time to get the blogs back in control. Put WordPress and Tarski under version control. Make the Apple Mac Server-specific changes – REMOTE_ADDR vs. HTTP_PC_REMOTE_ADDR – 

The goal is to get it down to an

svn switch URL .

for any WP updates or Tarski updates.

WordPress 2.6 Released

WordPress now supports version tracking, you can track the changes made to a post or page like wikipedia or version control system. This feature is important for multi author blogs, you can track the changes made by others.

Another important feature added to 2.6 is “Press This” bookmarklet that lets you post quickly by pressing the bookmarklet. This is inspired from “Tumblr”, if you have ever used tumblr you will know how useful is this feature. It can recognize Youtube video embed codes and Flickr images, when you are on Youtube or Flickr click this bookmarklet for easy posting of videos or photos.

WordPress 2.6 Released.

Not bad at all…