Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness: A Primer

You may have never heard of the medical term, but you’re likely very familiar with delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), a condition involving muscle overuse that usually results from a single intensive exercise bout.

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Run to the "T". Walk to the shot.

That’s all that is needed.

Thanks to JerryBoneJr on the US Squash forum.

What a remarkably good way to change from flailing about the court to making sensible motion on the court.

Now that I think about it, maybe that’s why the pros always seem to be able to get to shots so easily.

Squash Magazine

Squash Magazine:

A look at what’s happening today in squash—around the US and around the world. The latest from the USSRA, PSA, WISPA, juniors and intercollegiates…Egypt makes it a double with World Jr Team Championship, US finishes 13th…Ashour leads Egypt into World Junior Mens finals against Pakistan while American Mark Froot takes US closer to 13th…World Junior Mens Quarterfinalists set—US Junior Men to

There are lots of things happening on the site that look new to me. I visit the site maybe once every 6 months. Looks like I’ll have to more frequently. Maybe they’ll get an RSS feed going

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Houston Open

Houston Open
Shahier outlasts Joey

Shahier and Joey played an amazing final which lasted well over two hours. Joey put up a great fight in the 37-minute fourth game, saving seven match balls to force a deciding fifth.

Mamut English Open Squash Championships

Mamut English Open Squash Championships

on the BBC – The BBC TV cameras which have made
the Crucible Theatre famous as the venue for the World Snooker
Championships will return to Sheffield this summer to cover the Mamut
English Open …

English Open is mid-August. I wonder is squash will ever come to BBCA?
I wonder if the Tennis Channel will ever come to DirecTV?
How about “The Boast” – a pay-per-season channel that show 16-24 PSA squash tournaments for $5/tournament?

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