If PHP Were British

When Rasmus Lerdorf first put PHP together, he – quite sensibly, despite his heritage – chose not to write it in Greenlandic or Danish. Good job too – that would have been rather unpleasant to work with. He opted instead, being in Canada at the time, for the local tongue. No, not French – that bastard dialect of the Queen’s English commonly referred to as “US English”1.

via If PHP Were British – Added Bytes – Brighton Web Application Development.

This is a vendor who cares!

short snippet from an email I received today

Vuvuzela Filter

EyeTV 3.4 Special Edition
For a limited time only

A special edition of EyeTV 3.4 software is available during the 2010
FIFA World Cup that offers a new feature called the “Vuvuzela Filter”.
This filter gives you the option to dampen the buzz of vuvuzela horns
in the stadium during live TV broadcasts; it can be quickly switched
on and off at any time during the game. To use the filter, control
click to bring up the contextual menu in EyeTV.

Click here for a quick demonstration of the Vuvuzela Filter in action.


They need to add a second bandpass filter to kill the harmonics. The video only gets rid of the lower frequencies (to my ears).

From the internets 😉

Use the EQ as a bandpass filter to get rid of the annoying frequency around 233 Hz and the corresponding harmonics (466Hz, 932Hz, and 1864 Hz)