Bold Poker — Deal with it.

Such a fine way to monetize the app. Host can pay the fee. Of course a spilled beer could kill the dealer 😉

Bold Poker — Deal with it.

Free to try. 
Unlock to go all night.

Let Bold Poker deal for you, free of charge. Play with the fully functional free version all night if you like, the dealer will just take a 5 minute “cigarette break” every 30 minutes.

Get a full night of uninterrupted professional play for $1.99.

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Maintain app organization when restoring iOS devices

It turns out that iTunes actually offers two kinds of restores. The first is the one described above, accessed by clicking the Restore button in iTunes’ Summary view for your iOS device. The other one is less obvious—you access it by right-clicking (Control-clicking) your iOS device in iTunes’ sidebar and choosing Restore from Backup.

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This is HUGE


Say you’re using your Mac to create a report on tropical fish as your class project. The project contains a story, some images, image descriptions, and an audio file for background ambience. Your challenge:

How do you build and share this project so others can view it on their computers and iPads?


This is so neat. “Services” that let you build/share things on an iPad.

This is all described in the WWDC 2010 presentation “Session 302 – Automating the Creation of iPad Content” which you can get for “free” from

I used one of the services to create a “photo application” which has some Salvador Dali pictures.