AudioTuts – Learning How to Record

This web site was brought to my attention from Twitter posts by Wiley Ross (thanks!)

I spent a couple of hours early this morning (no Netflix streaming video of ‘King of the Hill’ today) having a wonderful time reading about how to do things in the recording studio.

Most helpful were pointers off to places where the real basic information is—Basix. A great example is How the Hell Do I Use Reverb Anyway?!?

At some point I will probably make a separate page that has all of the links to the hints and other resources.

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Quick Tip: 4 Pro Tools Functions You Need to Know

Plugin ‘Automation enable’ shortcut, ‘Tab to transient’, ‘Quick Punch record’ and ‘inserts are post Master fader’ are four fundamental functions within Pro Tools. For experienced users these four things will probably be old news, but the amount of new users I come across who aren’t aware of them astounds me.

via Quick Tip: 4 Pro Tools Functions You Need to Know.