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Updating Software

One thing about testing tools – you have to do regular software updates and test the updated software. This is one of those days.

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There Are Now 800,000 Reasons To Share NPR Audio On Your Site

From NPR stories to shows to songs, today we’re making more than 800,000 pieces of our audio available for you to share around the Web. We’re throwing open the doors to embedding, putting our audio on your site.

via There Are Now 800,000 Reasons To Share NPR Audio On Your Site : This Is NPR : NPR.

This is kind of nice.

LINNDRUM (LM2) EXS24 Instrument for Logic Pro

Popular from it’s launch in 1982, the LinnDrum was the second drum machine to be released by Roger Linns Linn Electronics company and was basically an upgrade to the revoloutionary  LM1 drum machine. Featuring an improved basic set of high quality 35kHz drum hit samples, the LinnDrum also included ride and crash cymbals within it’s arsenal. This made the machine a sought-after addition to many big name studio producers including Peter Gabriel, Sting, Jean-Michel Jarre and Prince. A fantastic sounding machine for it’s time, the LinnDrum has been recorded on many popular records and is credited by some for its role in the way music sounds and is created in certain genres today.


How to Get a HUGE Tom Sound

By: HomeStudioCorner

Subscriptions in Safari

While fooling around with the sidebar “mentions” tab I found the subscription button. Click that, hmm, looks like I can add my favorite sites back to a reading list. I think I like this.

Make a change to see if the sidebar updates.

The Weirdest Eating Patterns Of Each U.S. State

We’ve all know how much Philly loves its cheesesteaks. But you know what the data tells us? The most distinctive menu item in Pennsylvania restaurants isn’t the cheesesteak. It’s actually the hoagie.

via The Weirdest Eating Patterns Of Each U.S. State | Co.Design | business + design.


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