Emil Gilels

One of my favorite piano masters. Beethoven Piano Sonatas are the current exercise in fine listening.

New Music Wednesday

My buddy Tom sent me a link to an article about some guitar guy named Govan? a “preview” of some tasty guitar tracks.

Time to test “every song, ever recorded” again.

Found a wonderful “The Aristocrats – The Aristocrats”. Who knew? I called it a musical, gentle shredding.

Added for good measure “Tres Caballeros – The Aristocrats”, “Cactus Cruz – Michael Lee Firkins”, and “Love Devotion Surrender (with the Mahavishnu Orchestra) – Carlos Santana & John McLaughlin”.

Have to warm up the ears before recording the Warheads tonight.

Turns out that I have ‘tuned’ the JBL monitors/Scarlett 18i6/iTunes combination to get a nice 83 dB at the listening position with the software volume control set to 0 on the Scarlett (MixControl)


Sweaty Knockers