AZSRA Squash News – Tucson Grand Canyon State Games June 3rd-4th 2006

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June saw the second annual Tucson Grand Canyon States Games Squash Competition held at the Tucson Jewish Community Center.

There were 22 players in all out of which 7 players were from Phoenix the other 15 from Tucson.

Oh, yeah, I added a sidebar of the UA challenge ladder results.
What fun!



Minutes from the May 2006 meeting.Present: Bridget Borsa, Tim Broshears, Andy Butler, Bob Gerace, Bob Good, Allen Handelman, Eric Hernady, Chip Nimick, Mark Raeside, Morgan Smith, Amanda Smrcka.

Squash Rochester has a web page (a blog?) that has an RSS feed.



The WSF has prepared these guidelines to assist those
responsible for the organisation of officials at major
tournaments. A Tournament Referee and/or Tournament
Director of any tournament may use it as a checklist,
whether that event is international, national, regional,
local, or club level.

A new version of the TRG (PDF file) is on US Squash. The link to the WSF online version was removed. I have preserved that link here.

Southern California Squash Racquets Association – Regional member of the USSRA

Southern California Squash Racquets Association – Regional member of the USSRA

It is with regret that, while the SCSRA seeks a new Webmaster, operation of this site is suspended.

Please accept our sincere apologies.
Any squash player orenthusiast who has any interest taking over this responsibility or even serving on a new executive committee should contact Robert Graham as soon aspossible .
The current committee members have served for about 10 years and it is time for fresh ideas.

Unfortunate – looks like SoCal needs some help in their squash community