AudioTuts – Learning How to Record

This web site was brought to my attention from Twitter posts by Wiley Ross (thanks!)

I spent a couple of hours early this morning (no Netflix streaming video of ‘King of the Hill’ today) having a wonderful time reading about how to do things in the recording studio.

Most helpful were pointers off to places where the real basic information is—Basix. A great example is How the Hell Do I Use Reverb Anyway?!?

At some point I will probably make a separate page that has all of the links to the hints and other resources.

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How to Set Up Send/Return Effects in Logic Pro 9

For many audio writers, the basics of production sometimes seem so trivial that they’re overlooked as topics for sites like Audiotuts+. A piece on setting up send/return effects has been a request of readers for a while now, and today I’ll teach you how to create?—?and use?—?this handy method of routing audio through effects processors.

The name send/return came from the practice of sending a sound out from an amp, into an effect processor, and then back into the amp again before finally playing back through the speaker. Although the effected signal never really “returns” to the audio source (the audio track) in digital methods, the name has stuck.

via How to Set Up Send/Return Effects in Logic Pro 9.