An Introduction To 3D Mixing

In my next few tutorials, I will be taking an in depth look at the mixing process to help you gain a better understanding of mixing concepts and in so doing, present one possible workflow scenario to help you streamline the process. For these tutorials I will be using Logic, but the concepts can be applied across the board.

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Links to the follow-on entries

2 Panorama

3 Equalization

4 Compression

5 Creative Routing

6 Depth

7 Mastering Part I


With three equally important focal points, this tutorial series will initiate you each of these areas of dubstep and how to start producing your own grooves. This first tutorial will focus around the drum beats and what makes the dubstep beats unique. Get ready for some head nodding grooves!

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How to Create a Wall of Acoustic Guitars

This tutorial is going to teach you a nice technique on creating a thick wall of acoustic guitars in your mix. It’s not only a mixing tutorial but it cover both the recording and production process. We’ll be going over some music theory to create a layered guitar sound and then record it in such a way that we can create a shimmery wall of strummy acoustic guitars

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