Bold Poker — Deal with it.

Such a fine way to monetize the app. Host can pay the fee. Of course a spilled beer could kill the dealer 😉

Bold Poker — Deal with it.

Free to try. 
Unlock to go all night.

Let Bold Poker deal for you, free of charge. Play with the fully functional free version all night if you like, the dealer will just take a 5 minute “cigarette break” every 30 minutes.

Get a full night of uninterrupted professional play for $1.99.

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If PHP Were British

When Rasmus Lerdorf first put PHP together, he – quite sensibly, despite his heritage – chose not to write it in Greenlandic or Danish. Good job too – that would have been rather unpleasant to work with. He opted instead, being in Canada at the time, for the local tongue. No, not French – that bastard dialect of the Queen’s English commonly referred to as “US English”1.

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Making Love to WebKit

This idea started with an accidental discovery: if you put a CSS perspective on a scrollable <DIV>, then 3D elements inside that <DIV> will retain their perspective while you scroll. This results in smooth, native parallax effects, and makes objects jump out of the page, particularly when using an analog input device with inertial scrolling.

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The web, early 2012. Scroll s-l-o-w-l-y.