Crock Pot

New Crock-Pot crockpot. 7 qt, 20 hour, 2 speed, stays “warm” after timer counts down. Got a mini crockpot too!

Crock-Pot SCCPVC709-S

The mini heats water to 160 after 30 minute (from about 90). Will build “experimental” bean dip tomorrow for football games.

The maxi on low – start water at 90. 15 minutes, 95. 30 minutes 108. 60 minutes 125. 120 minutes 171. Was going to let it “warm down” but have decided to see where we get after 5 hours. I can hold my hands 1/2 inch from the metal sides quite easily. Side handles are warm, would probably use pot holder just in case. Lid handle can easily be held bare-handed.

Tomorrow, we test drive a chicken. That’s already on the schedule, but won’t get the beer can treatment 😉

Have to love Food City – 1 bunch celery, 1/2 lb. carrots, 1.5 lb. brown onions, .88 lb. white potatoes, .89 lb. roma tomatoes, bag rebate 😉 grand total 2.74. Had almost enough change to get a fine Bear Republic “Racer India Pale Ale” for the afternoon reflection time 😉

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