How The Hell Do I Use Reverb Anyway?!? Basix

Reverb is one of the things that can make or break a mix. Too much and it will either sound like it’s from the eighties or just plain too cluttered to be able to hear correctly. Too little and you feel like every instrument is attacking you at once.

via How The Hell Do I Use Reverb Anyway?!? Basix.


One Reply to “How The Hell Do I Use Reverb Anyway?!? Basix”

  1. From Phil on Facebook:

    “Here’s a great trick for vocals.

    Send your original vocals to a VOCAL BUSS. This will feed the Stereo Mix.

    Also, send your vocals to another BUSS called VOX EF (Vocal Effects). On
    the VOX FX Buss, use a good compressor. Squash the transients – look for a total of -6dB reduction at the loudest parts. Increase the output gain of
    the compressor 6 dB. This VOX FX Buss also goes to the VOX BUSS along with
    the original vocals. Use the fader to blend in with the originals.

    What this does is cause the quieter passages of the vocals to come up in
    volume while leaving the louder parts alone.

    There are two camps – reverb and delay. I think the thing to do is learn to
    use both and pick and choose accordingly. Obviously a delay can thicken a
    vocal if used judiciously.

    A couple of other things I have learned.

    HPF – High Pass filters are great and I use them a lot to get rid of the low
    end and mid range mud. I ALWAYS have an EQ prior to my reverbs for this
    reason – even on drums. I send things to a BUSS which has an EQ followed by
    the reverb.

    If you use delay on vocals, a nice trick is to follow the delay with a compressor and align it with the tempo of your tune. You use the compressor
    to squash the delay while the singing is taking place and then as the volume skirts under the threshold of the compressor, it allows the delay to occur
    after the singing. This is actually used a lot but you must be careful as
    it can add mud to a mix as well.

    All things in a mix are SUBTLE! Essentially you do not want to here them.
    If however you remove them, you notice that they are missing.

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