FB Update from Matt

Matt Janton
Well, since I have a few minutes, here’s an update: I was asked to leave the 100 Club in August after they downsized, not enough income from Southern Arizona to support my position. I have been working for an air ambulance company since January, my primary job is transporting the organ transplant teams around Southern Arizona for the Donor Network.
They have been rather busy and I have been working far more than I had anticipated. I still drive for the tour bus company, Mountain View Tours, and they have also been very busy since the early summer, so much so that they have asked me to drive full-time effective this month. Since I’ve been working more than full-time hours between all the part-time jobs, and without any benefits, I decided to take the position. I am still the public address announcer for Jackie’s barrel race club and for the new production company that she and a couple friends have put together, but so far that job only has me busy a couple days a month.
Jackie is the warehouse supervisor at Northwest Fire, and in spite of a lot of changes there, still likes her position and plans on staying for a few years. (The State retirement system says she needs to work 14 more to get a full pension) This is also a deciding factor in my accepting the tour company offer. Jackie is doing well in the barrel racing club, not as well as she would like, but still bringing home a check every now and then.
Michael and Celena and the family moved to Mississippi this month. He’s now a civilian employee of the Air Force, fortunately in almost the same position he has held for the last several years as a reservist, but they required some additional training. The training will last more than 6 months so they packed up and moved. They will return to Tucson in May.
Nicholas & Jamie are still living in the home behind ours, they haven’t gotten tired of being too close, actually Jamie comes over and exercises AJ, Jackie’s paint horse that is just about fully recovered from her leg injury a couple of years ago. Nicholas is still enjoying being a paramedic/HazMat tech for Tucson Fire, but recently moved from the Haz-Mat station. Jamie continues with her school work.
Christopher is in flight school in Anchorage, he is doing much better with his back issues and is also going to school full-time to get his A-plus certification. Melissa is a home health care aide and has just the right number of clients to keep her busy and happy.
We are planning a trip East this summer, hope to be able to make it to Brendan’s graduation and then on to visit the family in New ersey and Jackie’s family in Michigan.
Love to all


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