Listen to SXSW '10 Bands

SXSW has set up an official SXSW station called SXSW 2010 Music – which is featured in the SHOUTcast Radio Directory — where you can listen to many of the amazing bands who will be performing at SXSW 2010.  SHOUTcast Radio features over 32,000 radio stations from around the world and offers free broadcasting tools to set-up your own radio station. You can even get great SXSW music on-the-go via the SHOUTcast iPhone app.

via Listen to SXSW ’10 Bands on SHOUTcast Radio |

In 2009 there were over 1,200 tunes submitted to SXSW. I’ve made it through about 1/3 of them. Most haven’t caught my fancy, but a few (4) have. Catchy enough for me to rate them 3 stars or better. At this rate about 1% will make it into the “make sure we listen to more” list.

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