A Survivor's Guide to Family Mac Upgrades – PC World

Dear Beloved-Yet-Interfering Husband,

Apparently you’ve been at it again–updating my iMac without telling me. My computer is now a misery to use–my email client demands passwords that I no longer recall, I can’t print, Safari insists on haunting me with a wall of websites I’ve previously visited, and I can’t even manage to shut the damned thing off because something called “HP Printer Firmware Update” (which is nowhere to be seen in the Dock, thank you very much) has allegedly interrupted shut down.

Before others follow your scatter-brained advice and upgrade their spouse’s computers on the sly, perhaps you could counsel them how to do the job properly.

Your Devoted Wife

P.S. Thank goodness you have no inclination or talent for working on cars.

via A Survivor’s Guide to Family Mac Upgrades – PC World.

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