4 Replies to “Is Everyone Hiding on Facebook?”

  1. I confess that I haven’t visited the Family website of late, but I am not on Facebook (though I have been invited by several of you to become your friends). I also don’t text or Twitter or do anything on MySpace. I do, however, answer emails and answer my cellphone and have occasionally been known (though not often of late) to actually write a letter, using pen and paper, which I then drop into a mailbox! 🙂

  2. Yes, I’ve been hiding there and twitter lately. Since the site no longer works in my RSS reader, it’s fallen off the radar. Should probably look into fixing that properly. 😦

  3. I have been hiding from my computer (since before Thomas was born), I am just getting back in front of it and have joined the social scene of the internet…facebook and twitter (I was seeing people at social gatherings and they were talking about our house projects and how good they look despite them not actually having been at my house…so I wanted to see what Chris had been up to on the two sites…)

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