50th Birthday

Happy 50th to Matthew! I understand that he and Jackie are going to Mt. Lemmon on the bike to eat pie. Sounds like a good way to celebrate.

Earthquake in Illinois was felt here in Valparaiso yesterday morning, 4:38 a.m. CDT. Shook the blinds and the bed, woke up both Christopher and me, but the teenaged Brendan slept through the whole thing (which lasted maybe 20 seconds). Quite the way to wake up, I assure you.

Happy Birthday, Matt – enjoy your day.
Love, Maura et al


One Reply to “50th Birthday”

  1. Well, we didn’t take the bike up Mt Lemmon, too windy. We decided to go see 88 minutes instead. Had a nice ride Sunday before visiting with Christine, Roxy and Jessica. Then had a nice dinner with Pop, Face & Christine, and Annette at El Corral.
    Heading to Puerto Penasco on Friday!

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