The Last Alarm

For Greg’s memorial, I was able to borrow a fire bell from the Tucson Firefighters Honor Guard.  After I read the following passage, Mark rang the last alarm for brother Greg.  I know that Kira took a picture of the bell with the backdrop of Mark, Nicholas, Jackie and I.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get it posted.

The Last Alarm

Throughout history, the life of a firefighter has been associated with the sounding of a bell.  A bell would ring to signal the start of a shift and again to signal the end of a shift.  Throughout the day, the bell would sound to call the firefighters to respond to assist the people of the community.  At the conclusion of the alarm when the fire was out, the bell would sound three times again.  Greg answered the alarm to assist his community for many years and has now answered his last alarm. In recognition of his years as a member of the Boonton, New Jersey Fire Department, we will sound the Last Alarm for Greg.


One Reply to “The Last Alarm”

  1. Thanks for posting this, Matt – and for arranging the bell. Hopefully Kira will be able to get the photos developed soon (non-digital camera!).

    Love to all –

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