Happy Birthdays, Anniversarys, et al

14 January: Jamie Janton – Birthday

15 January: Devin Roldan – Birthday

18 January: Mark and Kathy Janton – Anniversary

Just this past week.

Greg is looking for email addresses for everyone.

You can reach him on AIM (iChat) under the id “truckingdadhome”

I have 3, new, warm, watch caps – thanks Maura. They are almost impossible to find in Tucson.


One Reply to “Happy Birthdays, Anniversarys, et al”

  1. You’re welcome. 🙂

    I sent Greg e-mail addresses for Mark, Kathy, Dawn, Jen, and Nicole – as well as Chris’ and mine (I figured he had Dad’s and Christo’s).

    Cold, cold, cold here in the midwest. Brrr.

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