Street Pajama – I Get Peculiar

I Get Peculiar When I’m Lonesome
Maybe Yes, Maybe No
Dave the Roach
No Pajamas
Catalogue Lady
Hangin’ On (like the lice on the legs of King Kong)
Bad News Makes Good Blues
Sunny River
Outright, Downright Change
Tasty Food For Thought
Relaxin’ with Jackson

That’s the play list. Somehow I only had the first 4 saved. Can’t remember where I put the text file that has the list in it, so here it is. Best I can tell is 1979 for vintage.


63 Replies to “Street Pajama – I Get Peculiar”

  1. I Get Peculiar was recorded in 1978 when Street Pajama consisted of old friends Mike King and Lane (Merle) Harmon. Brings back some memories of playing tunes and relaxing with them back in the frigid winters of North Dakota in the mid to late 70’s. Man, I’m getting old. I still have the vinyl with all the words and such, if interested. Wonder what happened to them???

  2. Roy-
    You’re not that old. It was great hearing from you. I am alive and well livin in Arizona. Mike is doing well too.
    Email me.

  3. I am curious. Did either Street Pajama or Mike Lane and/or Merle Harmon ever make any more records?

    A former housemate turned me on to “I Get Peculiar” and it is a fine piece of vinyl. Would love to find a copy in mint condition somewhere.

  4. I saw Street Pajama countless times in Phoenix in the Eighties. Partied a few times with the band. I still dust off the LPs (all three) from time to time to listen to that sweet voice. I sure wish i could see them again…

  5. Merle, Glad to hear you and Mike are both doing well. Are either of you still making music? I remember many fun nights listening to you guys at Ninos and other old Tucson stompin’ grounds. I still have No Gold In Jersey and I Get Peculiar on vinyl – would LOVE to get them on CD/iPod as the turntable is gathering dust in our Flagstaff garage these days. Any chance?

  6. I’ve loved you since I was little. My grandmother has a tape from a visit to her sister’s house in Arizona. I’ve been trying to find more music, maybe even a cd for some time. Is there anywhere I could purchase a cd?

  7. I have to find this music…I saw them several times in Tucson way back when…Loved the music…Any tips on where I can find it????? thanks

  8. I found an outfit called CDBBQ ( has access to a lot of old vinyl they’ll burn onto CD’s. They had a few copies of I Get Peculiar and Beast de Resistance a couple of years ago. I bought a CD of each. They do some filtering, so the sound is okay. Not sure what their Street Pajama inventory is now. (They also had some Bob Meighan Band albums.)

  9. I was introduced to Merel and Mike by Brett Leading in the 1980s right after they did No Gold in Jersey–I still have that vinyl. Probably kow some of the people posting to this site! It’s obvious they still have a fan base. Sure would love to see them again!

  10. Hello, Mighty Merlebella the Magnificent!
    Nice to see you are still out there, would love to chat. i too still play my Street Pajama LPs…they are like fine wine.
    Mary Kay AKA Ethel

  11. Hi Ya’all,
    I’m not sure that I’m believing this!! Could I really be reading emails from Merle and Mary Kay? Well just in case this might actually get to you, I thought I’d REALLY blow your mind and jump into the mix. I would love to chat with you guys somehow, so much has happened in so much time, I’d love an update. I’d love to hear from Mikey too.

    It’s so wierd, I’ve been connecting with the good parts of my past a lot lately and now I’m running into you two (well sort of). Hopefully you will get in touch and we can chat. I have some interesting news for you.

    I hope all is well with you and your respective families.

    With Love and Light,

  12. Hi Mike and Merle,

    I picked up one of your albums years ago when I was dating a woman in Tucson, and unfortunately it was destroyed in a flood. I have a fading tape of the album. I’ve scoured the internet and old LP places in search of your three albums with no success. Is there any way that I could beg/borrow/or buy them from you in either LP format or CD or mp3? Or do you know of any source for them? I really love the sound, but my one tape of I Get Peculiar is rapidly fading. Thanks. Feel free to email me at :


  13. Wow I still have Beast de Resistance and it is in mint condition. I play it every once and a while. I was stationed in Ft. Huachuca and bought a copy from Lamont’s (then I guess) girlfriend. She was a hairstylist and I got a haircut from her. I met Lamont briefly. As I was a guitarist in the 36th Army Band. I moved to California and always stayed on the look out for Street Pajama as I thought they were destined for greatness, and guess what? You guys are! I hope you’re all still making music. I am. “Haste Makes Waste” is still the bomb! What pool did you take the cover pic in?

    Much Love


  14. Oh My God!!! MK, Merle, Scotty! My guy, Kyle, found this and directed me to it. (He came to town long after we used to do the Street Pajama breaks, but now nows Mikey and has listened to my LPs.) So many times I’ve wished for an SP reunion – odd to find it on someone’s blog! Mikey, whom we see every once in a while, suggested I don’t hold my breath waiting for that to occur – and I figured it would be tough to decide which of the bass players would be invited to sit in on that…
    Just this morning, I was at Neil’s & he said he ran into Merle last night – and she might be doing some singing soon at a local coffee house. You can bet I’ll be there!
    How fun to reminisce!
    By the way, I do an occasional Street Pajama search on eBay – every once in a while an old LP or 45 comes up. Yeah, I have all of mine, but they’re staying here. When I talked to Bill Cashman recently, he did mention having still a few discs.
    Gotta give Mikey a buzz and put the reunion bug in his ear again – I know we could really get a good crowd at such an event – hell, maybe even Mary Kay would pop into town & I could get Sue & Dave to drive down from Phoenix. Wonder where to find some of the other regulars like that field hockey player…

  15. Wow… great to see others still listen and look for Streeet Pajama online!

    I am from Tucson, but saw Street Pajama numersous times in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area in the mid 80’s.

    Glad to hear Mike & Merle are doing well… I still listen to their thre albums… have even transferred No Gold in Jersey to CD… and have it on my iPod! The changing times!!


  16. My wife and I were big fans and have great memories of talking with Mikey and Merle during intermissions. They were always so cordial and spent time with the audience.

    I have Beast de Resistance, I Get Peculiar, and No Gold in Jersey on vinyl. I want to take them with me on my digital players and am now trying to rip them to MP3 for personal use. Great stuff. If any of you are performing still, I’d love to hear you. Thanks for great memories.

  17. I’ve managed to get hold of I get Peculiar and No Gold in Jersey, and have converted them (for personal use) to MP3 and CD’s. Would love it if someone wanted to trade for Beast de Resistance (hint John). I can be contacted at:

  18. My questions are
    1. who owns the rights to the Street Pajama recordings?
    2. would it be OK to share the MP3s made from the albums?
    3. Assume that MP3s are available, make them available via

  19. I oginally heard these folks (I get Peculiar too) back in the early 80’s when visiting my brother in Tuscon. Had the album until I loaned it out to someone and they lost it! Begged dear old brother to scour Tuscon and guess what!? He found a copy (not sure where) and in mint condition and gave it to me last year. So glad to have these guys back on my vinyl collection! This is one of my all time favorites and is especially a treat for my fellow northeasterners who have never heard these guys.

  20. I was in the process of converting some old records (they belonged to my children in the 80s) to CDs for them (since none of them has a turntable anymore). Then I was going to sell the records on EBay or the local record exchange store. I came across Street Pajama, No Gold in Jersey, and noticed it was recorded by Art Attack Records here in Tucson. What a surprise. So then I got curious and Googled Street Pajama and here I am. Amazing.

    So I take it some of you folks are interested in the record? I’m converting them to CD on a simple machine (turntable on top, CD slot below). Nothing fancy. But it seems to work. The record sounds good – no pops, snaps.

  21. Well, Susan, are correct, there are probably a lot of us out there that want to relive our youth and party days in Tucson and Phoenix in the 70’s and 80’s. I used to have a recording of “I get peculiar” on cassette that I ripped from a friends LP but, it is long since faded into who knows where after several moves. And, who has a cassette player anymore, anyway. I would love to have a recording of ANY SP album. Let me know how I can get a copy!

    BTW, I tried to look up Art Attack Records but was directed to an outfit in NYC.

  22. Wow, what a trip. As soon as I came across this, I threw my tape(original Art Attack shiny gold glued on-label) of”No Gold In Jersey”in and as I read the comments”You Make The Livin”, “Screwed Again” and “I Be LooKin” For A Fool” have played. I had the pleasure of buying Merle and Mike a drink between sets, back in ’83 or ’84 at some club at 1st and Grant. What a cool night and it impressed the Hell out of my date.
    I have shared this music from coast to coast for the last 25 years. I still remember seeing them on MTV. I about s**t my pants. The Good Lord still loves them blues.

  23. Just one more thing…….
    A group from Phoenix, The Refreshments
    put out an album in ’96 called “Fizzy, Fuzzy, Big and Buzzy”
    Side two of that record is strangely reminiscent of
    “No Gold In Jersey”
    My two, very favorite records

    Arizona Rocks, and Rolls, and Grooves

    Peace Out

  24. My Street Pajama albums are two of my favorites. In the mid-eighties I volunteered as a sit-in programmmer with KAZU in Monterey. I introduced my albums over the air then.
    I also recall that I was listening to a cassette copy of “I get Peculiar” when I was riding my Moped on my way to work and was hit by a car. It wasn’t a serious accident. I got a few days off work and a scar but that song always reminds me of that moment.
    I miss the opportunity to hear the band in Tempe as I had done in my early college years. Are there any CD’s available? My records are no longer playable.

  25. I remember I had a live recording of SP that I bootlegged from a local Tucson radio station during a live, local music broadcast session. It was on cassette and was one of my favorite recordings. Wish I could locate it now. It had a little slower tempo, bluseier version of I Get Peculiar that I really liked. That recording must live on, somewhere, don’t ya think? I’ll bet Mike and Merle have a copy. Come on, you guys, give em up!

  26. I miss my album of No Golf in Jersey, Life Lesson #1 never, never, never, never, never loan out something you love to a friend. They wind up moving away and taking your prized posession with them.

  27. I wish I still had some of the 1/2 tape they recorded some songs on. I bought a recording studio here in Tucson back in the early 1980’s, and it included a lot of tapes that were “left behind,” including a lot of Street Pajama music like “David the Roach” (I think the name was David). I listened to the tapes once or twice and thought they could really be something if mized properly (they were recorded on an Otari MX-5050 series using only 8 tracks…if the original owner of the studio had known how to use the board, he would have realized he could easily have bump-tracked it to 16 with no problems and produce better mix-downs). I never made copies because it wouldn’t have been ethical. A lot of original stuff, some I never even heard when they would play clubs locally.

    I had to sell the studio after Sheriff Ronstadt (yes, Linda’s brother) would continually raid my studio because I was killing his brother’s business, who owned a 4-track cassette-type (Fostex recorders with Radio Shack 4-channel mixing board) studio appropriately called “MoRon Studios.”

    I would love to be able to get access to some of that music. I though it was excellent work…very talented.

  28. Amazing, I just returned home from Denver; where my brother burned me two CD’s from both “I get Peculiar” and “No Gold in Jersey”

    I had the pleasure to have these guys in my bar and in a freinds bar in the early 80’s in Tucson. Turned both my brothers onto them and then I moved to California. I’d love to see them re-issue those albums on a high quality CD, because I’d buy copies for friends who heard their music from my very old vinyl… Meryl had a wonderful voice… This was a wonderful band.

    DCGIBBS – Boise, ID

  29. Not sure how this works. I’m interested in music by Street Pajama. Anyone out there with insight as to how to obtain.

  30. I was just playing the Peculiar LP at a friends last week and I can’t seem to get the tunes out of my head. I’m sitting at a coffeehouse in Montreal, and
    all I can think of is the Tequila Mockingbird at the old El Con Mall LOL!!!
    I’ve got to thank Gale Gass for turning me on to Mike and Merle back in
    the 70s what a great band! and memories too!

    I’d gladly pay for a re-mastered CD if that’s at all possible.


  31. Try contacting Bill Cashman at Cavern Recording Studios in Tucson. I sported a Peculiar bumper sticker on the back of my 77 Toyota up in Sonoma Cty CA.

  32. Merle and i are are performing again as of last week by way of Living Room Concerts. We have a Treo that includes Tom Dukes on Guitar. It was a fund raiser for the Community Food Bank and went great. We will be playing 6 to 8 times a year. For those of you that don’t me i was the owner of Westwood Recording studios and the base player in the last version of Street Pajama. Lane (aka) Merle and i have been married for the last 22 years living in Tucson.

    Roger King

    E-BLAST from last month.

    Dear Friends~~
    In the spirit of Neil Young’s “Rust Never Sleeps”…we are back doing music. Roger was away on one of his many road trips and I was keeping the home fires burning when we
    discovered we both had simultaneous dreams of making music together again. We took a literal interpretation of the dream and
    followed our passions and creativity to form Reverie with our good friend and
    guitarist, Tom Dukes.
    We are having the first of what we hope will be a series of home concerts to connect with friends and community in an intimate
    setting. We can share the pleasures of the music and each others company while helping our community through donating proceeds of the events to charity. Email to find out more about our next concert and to join our email list.
    Lane, Roger and Tom

  33. WOW,
    I happened upon some old KWFM Tracks and commercials and Bob Cooke (bless his soul) was announcing Street Pajama playing @ Tequila Mockingbird. Sure brought back some wonderful memories. I still have that record, and I believe, Merle signed it.
    Then I found this site…and thought I’d say a few words. If you guys are still playing around town, I would love to know where. I still get back to Tucson every now and then for this a that. Always start off with Eegee’s & Rum @ Grant & I-10. Tom Metz

  34. Spoke with Bill Cashman @ Cavern Recording Studios and plans are in the works to release “No Gold in Jersey” on CD; will update when he e-mails that it’s available. Apparently Mike and Merle still own the rights to the other 2, so we need to campaign to get them to authorize their release on CD for all us old fogies who still have fond memories of SP and Tequila Mockingbird.

  35. It would be great if there was an email list we could sign up for with news about Street Pajama recordings. I, too, have fond memories of Tequila Mockingbird and listening to Street Pajama. I’d buy anything they released!

  36. I feel the same as Andi regarding the CD availability of Street Pajama albums. I have their three vinyl albums and have converted them to MP3s. Works good for my iPod… but would love to have the original in digital form!

  37. A friend of mine introduced me to Street Pajama’s music when I was in high school. We recorded the I Get Peculiar album on cassette and used to listen to the album over and over. Several times over the past 20 years I have looked for their music to be released on CD. Would love to have my kids listen and enjoy songs like Maybe Yes, Maybe No, and of course Dave the Roach. I managed to pick up the album from a store in California about 3 years ago, but with no turntable…well have not been able to listen. Add my vote for a request to release on CD.

  38. Hey Alan, care to share the Mp3s? Send an email hlynne at G mail. Been trying to get these. I have the No gold In Jersey Album, But its on Vinyl and Have no Player. Thanks!

  39. If anybody knows Merle or Mike personally, please let them know people are still wanting their music. I don’t want to take something unethically and if they said we could share mp3s, I’d be very happy!

  40. I was very fortunate that Bill Cashman invited me to play a synthesizer solo on the song “Screwed Again” on Street Pajama’s “I Get Peculiar”. Street PJ was a brilliant and eclectic mix of musical genres. I’m glad to hear Merle is still doing it.

    I write and produce music for film and television these days, but there will always be a warm place in my heart for the Tucson music scene in the mid 1980’s.

    -Ace Baker

  41. I used to watch Street Pajama play at the Javelina Cantina (AKA ‘Pig Bar’) many years ago and fell in love with their music. I remember hearing them years later singing for the Tucson Water Company of all things. But the voice was strong and true. Hope to find their music on CD. Any help is appreciated


  42. Greetings: Like many of the posts I remember Street Pajama quite well. I let Mike use my Mesa Boogie speaker cabinet for several months during the 1980 to 1982 to try it out at several clubs. I saw the band many times in Tucson at various clubs and I believe once at the UofA when I was a student. I played with LaMonte in a band in Sierra Vista for a while. He was an amazing musician. Does anyone know the status of the band members past and present?

  43. This message is for Roger King, I recorded a couple of songs at Westwood Studios when Fred Porter was one of the owners. Is he still involved with the company? If were is he now. I remember the band Stinky Felix. They were a fantastic band.

  44. Mikey’s been recording with Bill Cashman at Cavern Studios in Tucson. (Too busy to give me text for!) Lamont and Will (former Street Pajama members) are contributing to this CD.

  45. I’m so in shock finding this site! I was the lighting designer for Street Pajama for a few years. Of all the bands I worked with Street Pajama was probably my favorite, (having a female singer with a brain, talent and a sense of humor was such a relief in the days of big hair boy bands). Oh the stories I can tell! I miss you guys so much! Now that I know some of you are still in town I’m going to be watching and hoping that you’ll be playing out somewhere.

  46. Oddly enough, I just downloaded my original album to my iTunes. I so enjoyed watching S.P. in the local clubs around tucson!

  47. Merle,

    In fact, if anyone is still around the Tucson area, I’d sure appreciate getting you to autograph my album cover! I’m home for a while but working in Saudi Arabia these days (and yes, your music is still great and everyone always wants to know who that band is!)

  48. Hey, tonight I listened to your album, the Jersey one, yep album on a real turntable, the one you autographed for me for a “Preview Listening” Cathy and I really enjoyed to trip back in time. Back in Tucson in November for visit with friends, playing anywhere the first week of November?

  49. I still remember the first time I heard I Get Peculiar, a friend Boeye had bought the album and we loved the music. Later that month it was Boeye’s birthday and we went to the Rusty Scupper to listen to them. Mike and Merle autographed our albums, it was that night we discovered my girlfriend Mardi was from the same area of North Dakota too. Over the next few years we followed them around Tucson, I will never forget the 4th of July when they played at the Racquet Club. Anyrate I still have their albums and was able to copy them to CDs. Thanks to the Army I have shared their music over 6 Continents. When I play their music everyone wants to know who and where they can hear more. Thanks for the memories and reminders of a great time in my life.


    BTW I still stay in touch with Boeye and Mardi and they play their CDs all the time too.

  50. Street PJ Peculiar is goood stuff, even today…timeless, as are all good things.

    Who ever made this music should put it on Amazon and supplement their income.
    I’d certainly do it if I did.

    Regardless, thanks for the music.

  51. hey mike , a fan from the 80,s my names gustavo , a song writer my self I am part of a new revolution thats coming of age [ the independent artist]the songwriters net best magazine is our forum a way to be seen and heard thru the songwriters variety shows , independent music comes alive!!! I would love to do an interview with u mike . i was an intern at KRQ radio back when screwed again tore up the charts!!!it takes me back. now myself and some partners are trying to launch independent music to new heaights. mike let me know if ur interested sir . once again im gustavo our web site is and i can be reached at i see great things ahead for us all. great 2 have u back!!! gustavo

  52. WOW! Googled SP and got a trip down memory lane. Went to Uof A and dated a man fresh out of Dartmouth working for geological firm there. Married him for 18 yrs and 1 daughter who now has 2 of her own. I had sort of forgotten Tequilla Mockingbird. Lots of GOOD TIMES going to see SP. I still sing the chorus “Well I’m a roach, if you can dig the approach” every time I see a roach here in Phx. Thanks for the trip. xoxo

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