Michael Gartenberg – Note to NY Times Mobile folks, Call Dave Winer right away. Please

From Dave Winer’s Scripting News

Michael Gartenberg – Note to NY Times Mobile folks, Call Dave Winer right away. Please

The NY Times introduced the mobile “optimized” version of their site today. You can see it here at http://mobile.nytimes.com but I’ll save you some time. It’s awful. Registration wouldn’t work on my smartphone, it’s cluttered with Windows Mobile ads and doesn’t make good use my screen (it’s hard coded to a narrow format that doesn’t make use of the full width of my display). Worse, the stories are hard to navigate and often require multiple clicks to read. No offense to the Times but if you want to know how to do this, just take a look at what Dave Winer did with your content with the NY Times River of News. You can guess which one I keep bookmarked on my devices.

It’s just fine.

Registration worked fine on my “smartphone” – a Treo 650 (PalmOS with Blazer browser)

The Windows Mobile ad steals some space at the top of the screen, about the same as the masthead.

It uses “accesskey” markup, so you can use the number pad to select links.
Enter the number of the story (1-5), then enter 4 which redirects to the 1-page version of the article.
Press 6 to go to the next article (followed by 4 to get 1 page)
Simple and effective

The text fits quite nicely – 7-10 words per line.
The rendition is much “lighter” than the printable page version pointed to by the news river.

It’s not a river, but then a river isn’t the only way to deliver.


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