Matt & Jackie News

Hello everyone!  Hope you all have a happy Easter.

It is always a pleasure to read what’s happening in the family.  We are always thinking of you, and wishing we could travel more often to visit, but retirement isn’t that far away!

I wanted to take a few minutes to update our status.  Yes we had an interesting experience on Papa BJ’s birthday.  There we were, minding our own business, calmly riding through the Saguaro National Park West.  It was quite a morning.  We were going to visit Michael & Celena and the girls.  We sometimes babysit the twins while Michael & Celena go to church.  We were going to then take in a movie and end up at Dad’s for dinner.

So, there we were, taking in the scenery and not in any great hurry, I hit a patch of “repaired” asphalt.  The back tire started to slip and by the time I got straight, we were heading for the edge of the road.  As you can see from the pictures, the road isn’t very wide, so not much room to maneuver.

I had three choices. 1) Try for the parking area, but there was a car parked right where we needed to go. 2) Go straight off the road and stop, but vegetation in Arizona being what it is I opted not to.  3) Try to make the curve.  We went off the edge of the road and up a small berm.  Being on a BIG street bike, the front tire didn’t want to go very well, and we went down.  We landed on my left shoulder, Jackie and the bike on top.  Jackie said she couldn’t move her leg, I looked and saw the foot peg had her foot.  I pushed the bike up and off of us.  We both sat up, assessing each other, took our helmets and glasses off, and that’s when it hit me that I wasn’t as good as I thought.

So our friends from the Picture Rocks Fire Dept came out, loaded me up and gave us a ride to University Medical Center, where they docs decided I had three ribs fractured in multiple places, a broken collarbone in two places, a bruised lung, lacerated liver and ruptured spleen.  The good news is I never lost consciousness, and the spleen and liver weren’t bleeding too bad.  They decided to let me go upstairs without any surgery and see how I did.

Jackie was seen at the ER and they put her ankle in a brace.  She is doing very well with only occasional twinges in her leg.

On Monday the bleeding from the liver and spleen had stopped, so they decided against surgery.  By Thursday I was breathing and moving around well enough they decided I could go home.

Follow up doctor visits determined the spleen was actually worse than they thought, classified as a 4 rather than a 2, but still not bad enough for surgery, the clavicle would have to be braced, and I had five more broken ribs in my chest that didn’t show up earlier due to the swelling.  The good news?  I am doing really well considering.  Other than the injuries, I feel great.  And the bike isn’t that bad off either.  I’m going to send a few pictures for the gallery.

The bike’s in the shop getting ready for our return to the road.  We’re anticipating I’ll be able to ride again toward the end of May, depending on how fast the collarbone heals. 

We’re going to have Easter dinner with Michael & Celena and I’ll try to remember to take some pictures.

We love you all.  Thanks for your prayers and well wishes.


2 Replies to “Matt & Jackie News”

  1. Thanks for sharing the details – and hope that you continue to heal well and quickly!

    We love you and Jackie and your clan very much – Happy Easter to all of you!

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