New poll

I thought the new poll could use a bit of explanation. Should we allow extended family information into the database? Basically, should it just be the Jantons and their spouses or should we open it up to the Janton’s spouses families as well. ie. Nicole and I would be in it no matter what, but should my grandparents and other family be in it as well? Also the question of friends of families comes up as well.

I’ve made some decent progress on the address book program and there’s nothing in it to enforce (not that I’d really be able to) the exclusion of entries, but I thought I would pose the question now before we go live with it. So go vote and you can leave any comments you want to make about it as a reply to this post.

Also, happy 1st day of spring! I’ll work on getting spring-like graphics for the site soon.


2 Replies to “New poll”

  1. Exactly, and that is yet another section of the website that I started on and plan to implement one of these days, a genealogy browser of sorts. I have some of it designed but so many things to do, so little time.

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