iTunes: Easy to use, or not?

Paul Thurrott’s Internet Nexus:

Needless to say, the Apple Web isn’t going to put up with that kind of abuse. One of the more friendly responses was from Les Posen, who actually took the time to answer each of Winer’s somewhat rhetorical questions about iTunes. The fact that Posen’s post is so long should alarm people. I think it proves that Winer has a point.

Some would suggest that the terseness of my response to Dave’s questions is a bad thing (see The iPod is too fancy for its own good post on my blog). Length of a response shouldn’t alarm people, except that they might actually have to read something. Here’s a terse answer.

  • You can tell if a “tune” is on the iPod by looking in the iTunes. The iPod is listed in the Source panel. Highlight the iPod and the list of tunes shows up on the right. You can tell if a tune is on your computer by looking in the “Library”.
  • If you have copied a tune to the iPod you have 2 copies. One on the computer, one on the iPod.
  • If you do a “Get Info” on a tune in the Library you are shown where the corresponding file is. You can also use the menu command “Show Song File” to open a Finder window at the location of the file. When tunes are on the iPod the “Show Song File” is disabled, and a “Get Info” does not show the location of the file.
  • To delete – highlight the tune and use the delete key, or the menu option “Clear”.

Turns out that the iTunes help covers most of the issues raised. Typing in simple questions in the help system’s “Ask a question” box locates answers quickly, within 1 or 2 entries by rank.

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