Uploading Images To Gallery

A while ago I upgraded the photo gallery software so it could better integrate with wordpress. However there are new instructions for uploading photos with the iPhotoToGallery. You still use the same software but the information is a little different because the new gallery stores the pictures in a different place.

update: Some people were having problems uploading pictures. It turns out that you need to upgrade your iPhotoToGallery plugin to at least version 0.60 when they added support for gallery2. Sorry for this omission. The plugin can be downloaded from here: http://zwily.com/iphoto/download.xsl

You still select the photo(s) you want to export and then go to Share->Export. Under the Gallery section, choose add gallery and for the Gallery URL enter: http://janton-family.centosprime.com/news/gallery2/ You should use your wordpress username and password.

Under the Album section, select the album you want to add the pictures to. If you want to create a new album, select create new album. From the create new album link, you can enter a title, short name and a description. For the nested in section, choose “Gallery” to create a new album that will be shown on the main page of the gallery. You can also create an album inside of an existing album. (assuming you have the right permissions on the original album)

Once you select the album you should make sure the images are set to scale to no larger than 800×600 and optionally you can set the titles and comments from iPhoto to export to Gallery as well. You can also have the album open up in your web browser when you are done exporting it. When you are done, select the export button and it should upload your photos.

I’ve also redesigned the web page a little to reflect the winter weather we are having. I still have to change the main header image to something a little more wintery but I want to take that picture so I need to wait until we have a nice picturesque scene. Hope you are all staying warm.


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