Good News From Boonton

For those of you who may have been following along, Kathleen was diagnosed as “Failure to thrive” by her pediatrician. Basically this means she wasn’t gaining enough weight. Today she went to the doctors and said she is doing well and is no longer a “failure to thrive” baby. She weighed in a 8lb on the doctors scale.

This past weekend we also went apple picking with Mark and Kathy, the Abbamondi’s and the McEvoy’s. Kathleen slept most of the day but she seems to like sleeping outside in the baby carrier. Hopefully I’ll get the pictures up on the site before the end of the week.


2 Replies to “Good News From Boonton”

  1. Also very glad to hear this news…you can’t keep any Janton (or Voit or Flynn or Abbamondi or McEvoy) woman down for long! 🙂

    Always like to see those photos…

    Love from here – Indiana, that is…:)

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