The Colors of Fall

I was walking with baby Kathleen this afternoon and came across the first fall colors scattered along the road. I paused for a moment thinking about Nana (Anne) Janton and how when I was younger we would send her leaves so that she would not miss the fall colors in the East. I will always remember her and her poems when fall comes around. The crunching leaves and the beautiful colors as they move in the fall breezes. I used to write poems and wanted to write one this afternoon to share later when Kathleen is older, to tell her about her great grandmother who loved fall so much, but I can’t seem to find the words. I hope that everyone has a beautiful fall whether you are able to watch the colors change and the leaves fall or not.

Much Love,


2 Replies to “The Colors of Fall”

  1. Anne used to take the leaves you sent and put them around the house so that she could enjoy seeing them.
    The words will come – maybe one at a time. Write them down in a journal and go from there

  2. Maura here – thanks for sharing your thoughts, Nicole, and your fall leaves. We, too, would send Nana leaves (from Minnesota) and once, Brendan and I made placemats out of them!

    The updated look is nice, Chris – thanks for your work with keeping the Janton family in the 21st century (along with you, too, Christo…:) )

    Happy fall – love to all!

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